About Stanley Paige Zeigler


Who am I? I’m a husband and father. I’m a retiree from the U.S. Merchant Marine after thirty five years. I started as a deckhand, eventually becoming a captain. I was primarily  employed on research vessels because I enjoyed the work they did and where they went. I’ve worked in every ocean and traveled to every continent. I’ve been through typhoons and hurricanes,I’ve been shot at by pirates off of Somalia and avoided ice bergs both in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. But I didn’t begin my career at sea until I was thirty. Before that I worked as a drug rehab counselor, a resident director for the Community College system,  a teacher in Skowhegan,  a professional logger up north in Georgia Pacific camps and out west on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, a manager of darkrooms in Seattle and last but not least, a licensed Maine Ambulance Attendant (before EMTs).

Recently I have retired from the chairmanship of RSU3 School Board but continue as the vice chair of the Unity Area Regional Recycling Center  I have been a Hospice volunteer during the 1990s and a forest steward for the New England Forestry Foundation.

I have a B.A. from Dickinson College, A.A. in navigation from Southern Maine Community College, certificate in Advanced Wood Harvesting from Washington County Community College. I have attended graduate school at Maine Maritime Academy in Management Studies. I hold a Masters (Captain) Unlimited Oceans license in the U.S. Merchant Marine with endorsements for Officer in Charge of Security and Medical Officer in Charge.

I have been in many positions of leadership which like my volunteer work requires cooperation and empathy. I worked on the School Board to reduce the facilities costs by increasing efficiency. On the Recycling Center board I am trying to reduce the money towns spend for their waste disposal. I am not a politician, just a citizen of our district who wants to help make  this area a good place to live and raise our children.

In the current legislative session, I am on the Environment and Natural Resource Committee and was on the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee. As the current legislative liaison for the Hard of Hearing Commission I have tried to follow bills that assist those with dealing from a hearing loss.

Thank you for your support and I will do my best to represent you,

Stanley Paige Zeigler Jr